HEALTH-MEDICINE: putting nutrition first in health and in medicine

Dr. Kunin is a Nutrition Physician™ and brings you over 40 years experience with medical nutrition also known as orthomolecular therapy, which has paved the way for a re-definition of Disease Medicine into the rapidly advancing field of Health Medicine. This advance redefines the fundamental question in medical practice: no longer do we ask “How sick are you?” but rather “How healthy can you be?”


Health Medicine addresses three universal conditions of life:


Nutrition is fundamental to health and every aspect of disease.
Maintaining adequate tissue levels of nutrients is a primary factor in health.
Nutrition needs are based on genetic individuality and environmental pollution.
Laboratory diagnosis provides a scientific way to identify your personal nutrient needs.


Pollution of food, water and air is so widespread as to impact our health and well-being.
Diagnosis of tissue levels of toxic environmental chemicals is necessary.
Detoxification capacity of the body can also be tested.
Genetic diagnosis clarifies your personal detoxification needs.


Adaptation support therapies, such as exercise, self-hypnosis, hormonal support, pharmaceuticals and
many others may also be required to achieve maximal benefits and to optimize your health.